About Us

Cameras Gear was founded in 2019. The main idea to setup CG – Cameras Gear was to provide information about tech related to camera world for cinematographers and photographers around the globe. I started my journey into film-making back in 2014 and won several awards at national and international film festivals for my documentaries and short films, in my career I’ve got to play with various camera bodies; whether it’s a cinema line camera or a Dslr body, whenever i was about to purchase a new gear for my film-making or photography setup, i always got confused because there were a lot of options available in the market and it was really hard to get a good one that meets the most of demands.

So, with a team of few camera geeks we started this magazine to provide useful information about Photography, Cinematography gear, Audio tech and much more. Whether you need to buy a new lens for your camera body or want to go for a new camera, our team will be here for you to provide guides for your camera’s gear.   Thank You!