Best Sewer Camera: Unveiling the Top 7 Picks for Precise Inspections

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The sewer system is the most important part of a city’s infrastructure and those who are involved in infrastructure and urban development know for a fact that this system needs to be kept well-maintained. The sewer systems need to be regularly checked for any irregularities or complexities. Inspecting the underground, intricate network of pipes was definitely a task. But thanks to recent technologies, inspecting and maintaining the sewer system for any leaks, blockages and other problems is not an issue.

The use of sewer cameras is definitely a revolutionary way to maintain and assess the underground sewer systems. The sewer cameras are equipped with high resolution cameras and a lighting system which allows inspection of the underground network of pipes and tunnels. The assessment of the interior of sewer pipes and drains allow early detection of structural damage or any potential hazard.

There are a lot of cameras in the market when it comes to sewer cameras but the endless choices make it difficult to choose the right camera. Also, choosing the best sewer camera is very important given the crucial work that is linked to the sewer camera. In this article, we have picked for you a list of the best sewer cameras so that you can make an informed decision based on the detailed reviews of these cameras. Also, to help first time buyers make the right decision we have a buyer’s guide at the end of the article.

Best Sewer Camera In This Guide

Anysun All-in-1Best All-in-one Sewer camera

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Sanyipace Sewer CameraBest crystal resolution sewer camera

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DXZtoz 50FT BorescopeBest with extended focal range

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LikeCoo Sewer CameraBest portable sewer camera

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Sewer Inspection Camera Best for outdoor inspection work

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HBUDS Sewer CameraBest for plumbers and homeowners

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VEVOR Sewer CameraBest vibrant display inspection camera

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Sewer Camera Reviews

Let’s get right to the detailed review of the sewer cameras that we have picked for you.

1. Anysun All-in-1 Sewer Camera with 512Hz Sonde

Anysun All-in-1 Sewer Camera with 512Hz Sonde

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9.5Our Score
Best All-in-one Sewer camera
An all-in-1 affordable camera system with exceptional transmission system.
23mm Self-Level IP68 Waterproof Camera Head
Built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter
Large 9” 1080P IPS screen
Recording function with 16GB TF card
165 FT/ 50 M cable
Stiff 165 Ft Push Rod Cable
1 Push Record Button & Keyboard for Text Input

The Anysun all-in-one sewer camera is equipped with a built-in transmitter of a frequency of 512 Hz along with a distance counter. This transmitter emits strong signals detecting the cloggages or any cracks in the pipelines. This sonar function is parallel to the rather expensive options in the market. The distance counter function of this inspection camera lets you know how far along you are in the underground pipe and the distance position can be visualized graphically on the 9 inch IPS monitor. The monitor displays a graphical visualization of the distance position of the camera inside the pipe.

The cable this sewer camera uses is a fiberglass push rod and is rigged and flexible.

This all-in-one sewer camera uses a 23mm IP 68 camera head that levels itself hence, helping you get the right orientation. It is waterproof and has a zoom power of 5X so that you can view everything clearly inside the drains and narrow pipes. From the price point, this is quite an affordable option when it comes to choosing the best sewer cameras on a budget. It lives up to its claim of being an all-in-one sewer camera as it is a complete package, providing exceptional video quality and other features.

Anysun All-in-1 Sewer Camera with 512Hz Sonde

Anysun – Anysun All-in-1 Sewer Camera- Sewer inspection camera for industrial professionals and home plumbers alike.

What We like
No flipping of image
Distance counter feature
What We Don’t
Reeling it back after use is a bit difficult

2. Sanyipace Sewer Camera with Locator, Self-Leveling, Distance Counter

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9Our Score
Best crystal resolution sewer camera
A sewer camera with upgraded crystal resolution for pipe inspection.
0.9 inch/ 23 mm camera  
Built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter 
165 FT/ 50 M cable 
23 mm IP 68 water-proof camera head
9 inches IPS monitor
DVR audio and speaker

The Sanyipace sewer camera is very well known for its amazing image quality. This one comes with a 23mm 1080 FHD camera and allows navigating through drain pipes ranging from 25mm to 200mm. This one is also waterproof with a rate of IP68, making it suitable for all the dark wet conditions. Just like the Anysun it has a 0.2 inches and 164ft hard fiberglass push rod cable which makes it very durable and tenacious to navigate smoothly through any drains, pipes or other challenging areas. It can get into all those hard to reach places so that you don’t miss any maintenance point.

One of the features of this camera that makes the pipe inspection easier is its self-leveling gravity bearing which allows it to adjust its direction as well as level itself, hence delivering upright videos and pictures. This really increases the convenience and accuracy of visuals for inspection, eliminating the need to make manual adjustments. Its 512 Hz transmitter and distance counter is the same as that of the Anysun as is the IPS 9 inch monitor.

What makes the Sanyipace stand out is its upgraded crystal resolution. This is because of the enhanced clear 145° wider angle sapphire lens which comes with distortion correction feature as well. The lens is scratch resistant and allows capturing images and videos with enhanced clarity and intricate detailing.

Sanyipace – Sanyipace Sewer Camera- For homeowners plumbers, professionals in infrastructure and plumbing maintenance

What We like
Upgraded crystal resolution
No fuzzy or grainy images
Enhanced Image quality
What We Don’t
Steeper learning curve for first time users

3. DXZtoz 50FT Dual-Lens Endoscope Borescope

50FT Dual-Lens Endoscope Borescope

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7.5Our Score
Best sewer camera with extended focal range
An inspection camera with extended focal length and dual lens system.
Waterproof 8mm micro inspection camera
5 inches larger IPS screen 
50 ft Dual-Lens endoscope borescope 
Built-in microphone
1080 dual camera probe
Industry-Grade Build & Wide Applications
One-button 180°rotate image

The DXZtoz sewer camera has come with its impressive improvements and upgrades. Its previous versions came with a 4.4 inch screen but this one features a larger 5 inch screen hence, providing a wider field of view. A noticeable feature of this one is its extended focal range that is a common limitation found in other endoscope cameras. But this one has addressed that with its 16 inch focal range, enabling users to capture images with clarity even from a distance. Unlike the sewer cameras with focal lengths of 1.2 to 4 inches, this one does not need to be repositioned constantly. 

Another great feature of this one is its 1080P dual lens. It comes with an addition of a secondary side-facing camera which allows detailed inspection while switching between different angles. The 3X zoom power adds to the precision and 180 degrees rotation adds to its convenience of use providing a comprehensive view. Moreover, it has an industry-grade metal construction that is drop-resistant and rainproof as well making it quite a durable option among the best sewer cameras in the market.

50FT Dual-Lens Endoscope Borescope

DXZtoz – DXZtoz Sewer Camera- For sewer drain pipeline plumbing, automotive or mechanic repair, HVAC duct vent inspection indoors mostly

What We like
Extended focal scope of 6 inches
Dual-Lens endoscope
What We Don’t
Practice is required to get used to the extended focal length
Cable is not as long as others

4. LikeCoo Sewer Camera and Pipeline Inspection Camera

LikeCoo Sewer Camera and Pipeline Inspection Camera

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8Our Score
Best portable sewer camera
A sewer inspection camera that is compact and easy to carry for yet durable
Upgraded 9-Inch Large HD Screen 
Real 720P HD Camera & IP68 Waterproof
140 degrees wide-angle view
Portable & Lightweight Size
Tough 85 FT Cable with Convenient Cable Wheel
Built-in 6 LED lights
DVR Function with 16G TF Card

This sewer camera is a very ideal choice for those who want something that is portable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is compact and lightweight yet durable as it is made of durable aluminum alloy. The IPS monitor it uses has a 9-inch HD screen whereas the camera is a 720p HD waterproof one.

The 720 P HD camera provides great quality visuals to detect any structural defects, combined with the sewer camera kit that allows a wide-viewing angle of 140 degrees with a 5X zoom power aiding in detailed inspection.

It comes with a tough cable that is about 85 ft long. Hence, it is a complete package for plumbers who go around houses with their equipment to do their job.

LikeCoo Sewer Camera and Pipeline Inspection Camera

LikeCoo – Like Coo Sewer Camera- For those who want an inspection camera that is portable

What We like
Light and compact
What We Don’t
The reel rotating mechanism could be better

5. Sewer Inspection Camera 100FT with DVR Plumbing Pipe Snake Cam

Sewer Inspection Camera 100FT with DVR Plumbing Pipe Snake Cam

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8.5Our Score
Best camera for outdoor inspection work
A sewer camera with a protective cover and a high definition adjustable camera
7 inches LCD monitor screen
21MM Camera-tipped Probe 
720P HD camera with 140 degrees wide-angle view
HD CMOS 1000TVL adjustable camera with 12 LED lights
Tough 30m/100 ft cable
DVR Recording Function with 8GB SD card
6-8 hours long working time

This is another sewer inspection camera by Anysun. The visuals are displayed on a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1280. This is particularly used for outdoor situations as it has a built-in sun-visor that enhances visibility. Also, it can endure temperatures of up to 140 degree Fahrenheit and this makes this camera pretty reliable in various environmental conditions. The probe is designed with a 21mm camera along with a 100ft cable that can fit pipes of 1 to 8 inches in diameter. Also the probe has an optimal design with adequate flexibility to cater to diverse maneuvering through complex drainage pipe systems. Hence, it provides smooth access to hard to reach places. In addition, this camera is protected by a 40mm protective cover which really makes the overall process easier and convenient.

The camera this one uses is a pretty high definition HD CMOS 1000TVL camera. It is adjustable and has a wide view angle of 140 degrees that allows inspection of the entire pipe system so that no area remains unexplored. Another thing is that with this camera you can even detect any mold or water pollution of any sort hence, it has versatility in its utility.

Sewer Inspection Camera 100FT with DVR Plumbing Pipe Snake Cam

Anysun – Anysun Sewer Inspection Camera- For people who work mostly in extreme environments and want a camera with a protective cover

What We like
Detects molds and water pollution
Crystal clear image quality
Endures extreme environmental conditions
Protective covering
What We Don’t
The extra covering might make it difficult it to enter much narrower pipes
Absence of locator

6. HBUDS Sewer and Drain Camera

HBUDS Sewer and Drain Camera

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8Our Score
Best inspection camera for plumbers and homeowners
A sewer camera with crystal clear visuals and flexibility for inspection of complex pipe system
9 inches HD monitor
17mm slim camera probe with flexible spring
1080P high resolution camera probe with 140 degrees wide-angle view
100 ft snake cable with flexible spring
DVR Recording Function with 16GB TF card
8pcs adjustable white LED lights and 5x digital zoom function

The HBUDS sewer camera is suitable for professionals as well but it is particularly an exceptional choice for plumbers and homeowners who need to inspect their sewers for any potential issues. It provides a crystal clear visual of any discrepancies or any issues inside of your drains and pipe system. It is equipped with an HD camera probe with a sharp and vibrant display and a resolution of 1080P. The 140 degrees view allows a thorough inspection and as the camera probe is a slim one only 17mm which makes it reach through tighter spaces as well. Moreover, this particular sewer camera probe comes attached with a flexible spring which makes it smoother for the pipe to navigate and adapt through bent pipes even up to 90 degrees. It is quite a versatile and compact option among the other best sewer cameras.

HBUDS Sewer and Drain Camera

HBUDS – HBUDS Sewer Camera- For plumbers and homeowners who come across narrow, bent pipes

What We like
High flexibility to adapt in bent pipes
What We Don’t
The compact size might not be suitable for larger pipes
Camera focus is not good

7. VEVOR Sewer Camera, 98.4ft/30M 4.3″ Pipe Drain Inspection Camera

VEVOR Sewer Camera, 98.4ft 30M 4.3 Pipe Drain Inspection Camera

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8.5Our Score
Best vibrant display inspection camera
A sewer camera that has a vibrant and sharp display and is suited for underwater exploration
98.4 ft snake cable with flexible spring
4.3 color TFT LCD Screen
120 degrees view angle and 6 LED lights
DVR Recording Function with 16GB TF card
17 mm slim camera probe
14 hour work time

This Vevor sewer camera is known for its vibrant and sharp display as the footage in the underground pipe system can be viewed on a 4.3 inches Color TFT LCD screen. The screen size though is not that big as compared to the other sewer cameras but the display is definitely one to consider.

This one is very well suited for underwater exploration as it is designed to operate till about 65 ft underwater without any damage risks. Also this one also has spring with its rugged 98.4 ft cable which gives it more flexibility to reach spaces otherwise hard to reach.

A downside is that this inspection camera’s use is limited to pipes that have a diameter of 18mm or more. Hence, for narrower pipes or inspection areas this one can not be used.

VEVOR Sewer Camera, 98.4ft 30M 4.3 Pipe Drain Inspection Camera

VEVOR – VEVOR Sewer Camera- For inspection of wastewater or stormwater systems and other pipelines or drains, mostly for non-professional use

What We like
Sharp and vibrant display
Operates underwater without much risk of damage
What We Don’t
Small screen size 
Not suitable for narrow pipes
Can not reach intricate areas

Buyers Guide: Things to consider while buying a sewer camera

Now that we know all about the best sewer cameras out there in the market, it is time to understand what one should be looking for when buying their own sewer camera. Choosing which one to buy should be totally based on your particular professional or personal needs. There are a few factors that if you consider will help you make the most out of your purchase. Let’s take a look at them right away!

Professional or personal use

First off, you need to determine the primary purpose you are buying your camera for. If you do inspection professionally then you will need a different kind of sewer camera whereas for homeowners indulging in occasional repairs or maintenance other types of cameras are suitable. The complexity, detailing and frequency of professional ones is far different than those used by homeowners.

Cable length and flexibility

The cable length is also quite important to consider as for domestic use a longer cable is not convenient but for industrial inspections where pipes are deeper a longer cable length is essential. Moreover, for a complex underground pipe network or drain system a more flexible cable is required. For others where the use is mostly limited to homes that much flexibility is not a must. Another thing is that industrial use requires more rigid and rugged cables as the pipes usually inspected are wide or broad and a flexible cable might not do. Whereas it is the opposite for homeowners but we have already listed both the options so check out from the list of cameras above.

Resolution and image quality

While making a purchase, do check for the camera’s image quality and resolution. Choose a camera that produces a clear and vivid image. Also a high resolution camera is a good choice as you can view all the details through it without missing any points that might be a potential hazard in the future. A camera with high TVL rating is known for great display and visuals.

Camera diameter and display size

Another thing to be considered while buying your sewer inspection camera is to consider the diameter of pipes you commonly come across while inspecting. Commercial or industrial inspection requires camera diameter that can cater to that size whereas the homeowners require camera diameter to be less to inspect narrower pipes. Be careful of this but there are also many sewer camera options with interchangeable heads that are versatile enough to cater to all needs.

A larger display size usually gives more detailed imaging and visuals. But this also depends on the image quality. If the image quality is good, a larger display size will be easy-to-read. Nevertheless, given the image quality is good, a small screen will be compact and portable.

Portability and durability

For plumbers who work individually, portability makes the work quite convenient. If your work is usually outside plumbing work, make sure to get a light, compact camera. Secondly, sewer inspection requires the camera to be in the pipes for prolonged  time for careful and detailed inspection. While buying your sewer camera make sure that it is waterproof and can withstand the wet and damp conditions of pipe systems.

Other than this the price factor is also to be considered. If you do not work on an industrial level, there is no point in getting an expensive camera. There are quite many affordable options in our given list that ensure good quality and get the job done. Even for commercial or industrial use there are affordable options as well. Nevertheless, those who are in the inspection business and work on an industrial scale need to invest in good gear.

Before making your purchase, assess your specific needs and prioritize what for you is a must. Once you know all about what to look for in your sewer camera you can check out the list of cameras we have mentioned and reviewed in detail. Hence, whether you are a home user or a commercial and industrial one This will help you in choosing from among the best available options.

Frequently Asked Questions: About Sewer Cameras

What are sewer cameras?

Sewer cameras are the cameras specialized to visually inspect the inside of drains, sewers and pipelines. These are cameras attached to long flexible or rigid cables along with a monitor to display the visuals. These are used by plumbers, industrial professionals and maintenance contractors to inspect and maintain any cracks, leaks, blockages or other potential risks in the pipeline systems.     

What are sewer cameras used for?

Sewer cameras are used to diagnose any problem areas inside pipelines or detect any potential risks. These detect cracks, leakages and blockage in the sewer pipes or drains and inspect the infrastructure for any maintenance required. This reduces the need to explore the infrastructure invasively and diminishes the requirement of old ways of maintenance or inspection. Moreover, the recordings of the camera inspection by these cameras is a documentation that aids in insurance claims and regulatory compliance.

In addition to this, sewer cameras act as a means of proactive measure ensuring a timely intervention in case of any problem in the sewer system. This also aids in extending the lifespan of the pipes and drain system and hence, prevents a rather larger risk or accident.

Does a moist or wet pipe damage a sewer camera?

Sewer cameras are waterproof and are designed specifically to withstand the wet, dark and moist sewer conditions inside the pipelines and drains. Moreover, some sewer cameras also come with additional protective lids or camera head covering that secure the camera and can withstand the dark and wet conditions even better. So, taking into consideration your specific needs you can go for a simple camera that is waterproof or go for one that has a protective lid as well if you need this much protection.

Additionally, if you know that your camera is most often exposed to a corrosive environment then do look for cameras with protective head coverings. Nevertheless, even if your camera is waterproof, try not to immerse it in a moist and wet environment for a prolonged period.

How does a sewer camera inspect in the dark?

Sewer cameras come with a lighting system consisting of a set of LED lights attached to the camera probe which allows inspection even in the dark pipes and drain systems. The LED lights allow you to see the visuals clearly so that you can inspect all the areas without missing any crack or potential risk.

Can I view the video captured by the camera later?

Yes, you can view the camera recording whenever you want. The sewer cameras come with SD cards to store the visual recordings of the interior of the pipe system. This helps maintenance officers, authorities, and engineers to later view the recordings to study the damages or structural data. Also, having a recording of the visuals allows a more detailed and careful inspection.


Sewer cameras are of great importance catering to a very important job of inspecting and maintaining the vast network of pipelines and drain systems. A good sewer camera is essential for getting this very important task of inspection and maintenance done in the right way and hence, reducing the risk of any hazardous incidents or potential accidents. A comprehensive visual assessment is only possible with the right kind of sewer camera. The sewer cameras mentioned in our article cater to needs of both industrial users and homeowners alike. Hence, you can make an informed decision by going through the buyer’s guide and then choosing the camera from our list that suits you well. With the finest sewer cameras you can not only detect the defects but also work professionally or also start your own plumbing business with the right equipment and experience.