How to Clean and Maintain Your Mirrorless Camera?

Being a photographer does not include taking pictures only. A lot of responsibilities come along, too, such as cleaning and maintaining the camera sensor. Avoiding the maintenance needs of your mirrorless camera can lead to damage beyond expectations. Let’s discuss the ways through which you can keep your mirrorless cameras clean and well-managed.

Need for cleaning your mirrorless camera:

If you are using a mirrorless camera with an exposed sensor, it is highly prone to dust and dirt. A dirty lens can not only lower the quality of the camera, but it will also impact the performance of your camera. While it is not ideal, every photographer has experienced smudges and ugly spots on the sensor. These spots germinate due to the lack of maintenance of your mirrorless camera.

Moreover, the sensor is one of the most essential parts of your camera. You do not want your photographs to look spotty and blurry, making cleaning an essential need. If you own a fixed-lens camera, you might not need the cleaning because you won’t need the change of lenses. However, cleaning your lenses is a must if you use a mirrorless camera.

If you are a traveler and are always on the go then your mirrorless camera needs cleaning; though mirrorless cameras aren’t cheap and you’ll ruin them!

How to Clean and Maintain Your Mirrorless Camera?

Step 1-Cleaning mode

Most mirrorless cameras have self-cleaning mode. You need to look into the settings of your camera to find this mode and give it a quick try. The instructions are straightforward, so it is the first and easiest way to keep your mirrorless camera clean. By using the cleaning mode, you will not even have to take your sensor or lens, as the camera will do it by itself.

Step 2-Checking dust on your camera sensor

Dust, dirt, and smaller particles can stick inside your mirrorless camera sensor. The mirrorless camera includes a live preview that helps you view the image before capturing it. The electric viewfinder in mirrorless cameras gives the photographer a preview of the photo to prevent any spots from being identified later. Use your mirrorless camera to view these spots and ensure that your camera is dust and spot-free.

Step 3-Force air into the sensor

Grap your mirrorless camera and turn it upside down. A lot of dust and particles will fall at this moment. You can also use a rocket blower to clean the sensor and lens. If you don’t have access to a rocket blower, you can blow the air and push away the dirt from the sensor area. While cleaning the sensor, you must not hold the front nozzle too close to the sensor.

Step 4-Sensor swabs

You can also use a sensor swab and pass it on to your sensor. Make sure that the swab itself is clean, or it will do the opposite for which it was used. You don’t want your sensor to be dirtier than before and create a mess. One suggestion is to use image stabilization mode while passing the swab to ensure the sensor is locked. This method will help save the stabilization of your camera during the cleaning process.

Step 5-Additional tips

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when cleaning your mirrorless camera!

  • Avoid too much touching on the sensor because it will create more mess than there already was. You may use a clean swab to clean the sensor only.
  • Exposing your sensor to water may also not be a good idea. Water splashes can cause damage to the internal of your mirrorless camera.
  • Exposing your sensor for a long time can also make it prone to dirt, dust, and other particles. The longer your sensor is exposed, the higher the risk associated with sensor damage.
  • Keep your cleaning tools handy to ensure you can clean and maintain your mirrorless cameras during photography.
  • Be careful while using your mirrorless camera. While changing your lens, do it in a clean space like your washroom.
  • Shooting at a lower aperture can also lower the risk associated with spots on the sensor. Limiting the sensor spot visibility will make it easier for you to take photos and videos without dirt.
  • If you cannot keep your mirrorless camera clean and maintained, contact a professional adviser to get your lens professionally cleaned.

We hope that you were able to learn about cleaning your mirrorless camera. So, keep your camera clean and enjoy excellent results without any hindrance.