How To Turn GoPro Off – Maximize Battery Life & Avoid Battery Drain

Last updated on April 23rd, 2020 at 08:10 pm

Many GoPro users complain about the battery life that whenever they pick their GoPro for use, its battery had been drained from where they’ve left it; it happens because of few reasons.

Either your GoPro is not turned off properly or either your device Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections are still active while your GoPro is off.

Here are the procedures you can follow to turn off your GoPro properly and can save its battery life. These steps are super easy to follow, which can help GoPro users to save their device’s battery lifespan.

Turn Off procedure for GoPro HERO7/6/5

  • You need to press and hold the mode button for around 2 seconds
  • You will hear three beeps and your GoPro Led will blink too, this will indicate that your device has been turned off.

Turn Off/On through voice command:

gopro voice command

You can also turn off your GoPro with saying “GoPro Turn Off” voice command.

Similarly, if you want to turn on GoPro with voice command, you can use this voice command “Go Pro-Turn On.” But you need to enable this setting by going to Preferences > Voice Control> Wake on voice.

Auto Power Off Option:

gopro auto power off

To make your GoPro power off automatically, you need to go to GoPro settings in Preferences> Auto Power OFF> Then You can choose 5min, 15min, 30mins time to automatically turn off your GoPro when you’re not using it.

Turn Off GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion also follows the same settings to turn it off.

  • You need to hold mode button for 2 seconds.
  • Use “GoPro turn off” voice command.

But it’s not possible to turn this device off automatically by selecting time duration as GoPro Fusion will automatically turn off after 7min after you stop using it/ when it remains inactive for 7mins.

Turn Off GoPro HERO5 Session

GoPro Hero 5 works a bit differently; you can’t directly turn it off by voice command or by holding the mode button. Instead, it will automatically power off when your GoPro is not in recording mode or is taking photos. It will turn off itself when not in use by the operator.

QuikCapture to maximize battery life

It’s a recording feature by GoPro that enables you to turn your GoPro on and starts recording automatically with the press of a single button (shutter/select button). And it will also turn itself off when recording stops.

This feature is disabled by default in GoPro cameras (with the exclusion of the HERO Session / HERO4 Session, and HERO5 Session)

Tips to improve GoPro Battery:

  • Install an updated firmware on your device – It will not only improve the battery but also fixes minor malfunctions on your GoPro.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection on your device – it will really boost the battery timing.
  • Turn off the LCD screen – Once you’ve set your camera angle, then usually you don’t need to monitor it all the time, so it’s better to turn the screen off because its LCD screen consumes power too. You can turn it off automatically once the recording has been started.
  • Reduce unnecessary high recording settings/Frame rate/Resolution/ – Higher resolution and recording settings will consume more power if you don’t require a higher frame rate and resolution than set it low to have more battery timing on you GoPro.
  • Discharged GoPro battery at least once a month – For a Healthy and long lifespan, your batteries need to be fully discharged after some time. Many times, we do charge our electronic devices’ batteries, but we don’t use them, the habit of fully charging batteries and not using it later, damages the battery life if not discharged in time.
  • Too Much Cold weather also decreases batter timing – Try to keep GoPro battery in warm temperature. Especially if you’re using it in cold areas as the battery drains faster in such conditions.