Trail Camera Placement Strategies for Maximum Security

We all know trail cameras for their incredible outdoor monitoring and observation. Whether you want to glance at wildlife or capture the mesmerizing views of mother nature, trail cameras serve the purpose. But one of the common uses of trail cameras is for security and surveillance of your property. Unlike security cameras, trail cameras are triggered by advanced motion sensors and offer better connectivity. Go through this five-minute read to find the best placement strategies for utilizing your trail cameras for maximum security.

Why is strategic placement important in maximizing security surveillance?

Imagine getting an expensive trail camera with advanced monitoring features. Imagine placing this trail cam in a location that does not capture a clear view of your property. The camera will ultimately not be able to capture the critical points of your property that require security surveillance. So, camera placement is crucial to the successful installation of trail cameras. The camera should be placed in a location that captures the important locations of your property. Also, be mindful that the camera should not be in the reach of thieves and vandals.

Once you have sought the correct placement position, you must also figure out the right camera for the purpose. Since the primary purpose of the trail camera is security and protection, make sure you use a high-resolution camera that can capture every detail effectively and place it in a location where it can camouflage well. Camouflaging is crucial because it helps in protecting the camera from potential intruders. A bush, a tree, or any other natural setting can work perfectly fine to provide that camouflage effect to your camera.

While daylight is substantial enough to deliver the perfect lighting for recording, nighttime monitoring is a problem for many. Place your cameras in areas that have exposure to light, or equip the area with infrared capabilities to ensure clarity of vision during the night. Another rule of thumb for the placement of trail cameras is ‘secure placement.’ We are not just looking for placement of the camera; we are ensuring a secure placement that prevents it from falling and breaking into pieces. Ensure the trail cam is locked in position to get a birds-eye-view of your location and lower the chances of theft or breakage.

Four areas that need trail cameras for security and surveillance:

If you are looking for professional advice on the placement of trail cameras for surveillance, you must be wondering about the suitable areas that need the most security. While the readers may better understand the necessary areas of their property, some locations must-have trail cams for recording. The first important location is the entrance of your property. This is the site where you need your trail camera the most. If any intruder enters your property, the entrance will be their first point of contact. Moreover, any unwanted entrant can be easily observed and recorded through the trail cam for the safety of you and your loved ones.

The driveway is the controlled point of entry and exit of your property. Remember that it is crucial to monitor this area for unwanted entry. The trail cam can also provide you with constant vehicle monitoring that can even be used for insurance claims in the worst-case scenario. The monitoring system can also keep track of the package delivery verification. With several strangers knocking at our doors every day, there has to be a camera that records every person who enters the premises of the property.

Not only should you have a view of your property, but you must also know what is happening around you. Installing a trail cam in your yard can help keep a record of trespassers, thieves, and suspicious strangers. The trail cam will provide parameter security and warn you if any unwanted individual tries to enter your property parameters. Similarly, you might also want to keep a record of stray and wild animals that can be a potential danger to you and your loved ones. Last but not least, all your outdoor belongings are vulnerable to the access of an outsider. The trail cam will protect your car, bicycle, garden furniture, or other belongings. Also, you know your property better than us. So, make sure that you install trail cameras in all the vulnerable points of your property.

Top five tips for concealing the trail camera to avoid detection by potential intruders

Seven ways to prevent trail camera theft for your property

It is essentially important to keep your trail cameras safe and protected. Here are five tips for concealing your trail camera to avoid unwanted detection:

1. Disguise to mislead the intruders

The first step is making sure that your disguise is top-notch. You may want to camouflage your camera in bushes, leaves, or trees. The key to safe disguise is placing it on a tree that gives you the birds-eye-view and helps keep the camera safe. Similarly, you may want to paint your camera in colors that merge the camera with the colors of the decoys next to it. The better the disguise, the more difficult it will be to steal or break your trail cam.

2. Lock it in position.

While a lockbox can be tedious when changing the batteries, it is a lifesaver. Make sure you have the locking mechanism to ensure that your trail camera is safe and placed perfectly. The placement of this camera is also crucial because it might be easily visible otherwise. Hide it perfectly and fit it in to ensure its safety.  

3. No daily strolls to the cam

We understand that you might be curious to see how your camera works, but too many strolls to the trail cam may not be a good idea. When you constantly go near the area where the camera is placed, intruders can easily detect that a camera can be nearby. Keep your guard up for the safety of your house and, maybe, watch from a distance.

4. Small-size, wireless trail cameras

Look for small-sized, wireless trail cameras that can be easily placed anywhere. These cameras are easy to handle and even easier to hide from intruders. In fact, small trail cameras are much better than security cameras, which are huge and challenging to conceal.

5. Hide it inside a household equipment

You may want to use your household equipment like, a hanging vase, birdhouse, or decorative bush. These places are difficult to detect and are the perfect decoy to catch burglars and potential invaders.

So, if you are trying to keep your trail camera safe and hidden from unwanted intruders, these easy tips and tricks can be convenient for the ultimate solution.